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#PremiereReview: #KarnSangini on #StarPlus : Not Mythology, Just Good Fiction

#PremiereReview: #KarnSangini on #StarPlus : Not Mythology, Just Good Fiction

Karnsangini is based on a book called Karna’s Wife by Kavita Kane- a commercially successful work of fiction that came out a few years ago. Before I write about the merits of the show in terms of entertainment, it’s important to note that it cannot be considered a mythological work, since Mahabharat makes no mention … Continue reading

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Reviewing TV- Content analysis ,Interpretation and Occasional Interviews

I am of an era where I believe TV does not mean idle entertainment but also a medium of influence. This space is to
-appreciate creativity and innovation in TV programming
-to welcome the change in terms of content and direction,
-to showcase that the suffering bahus have outlived their welcome.

India is not changing only in terms of GDP, it's also changing in terms of what it wants to watch on TV: And it's not squabbling families with a permanent supply of glycerine in their elaborate homes.

To the thinking audience, I say, come out of your closets, stop flipping the channels with that permanent bored expression and start expressing. Let's start talking and usher creative and intelligent entertainment so that the idiot box starts coming up with some genuine out of the box entertainment.

Television-I am Watching You!

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