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Viewer’s Review :Naagin by Maith Iyenger

  I am not a regular watcher of TV, being more of a reader – and I love a well-told fantasy. I see the popularity among Indians, of western fantasy tropes such as vampires and werewolves and wondered, why, despite a vast tradition of homegrown fantasy, Indian fantasy was not given prominence in our movies … Continue reading

Kahaaniya Hindustaan ki.. Telling tales of India in an EPIC way- Anushree Taparia

Recently I have been hooked to this new channel EPIC. As its tagline says ‘Kahaaniyan Hindustan ki’ (the stories of India) and it truly lived up to its name. So here are 5 quick reasons why I love this brilliantly conceptualized Channel on Indian Television: Our own stories: All the shows on this channel have … Continue reading

Tangled Skeins : Mahakumbh on LifeOk : Week 2 Analysis by Shyamala B. Cowsik

As I sat back and thought over the last week’s four episodes, the tangled skeins were not just in the tale, but inside my head as  well. Normally, in any fictional narrative, there  is a recurrent, central thread, a leit motif,  which is the core, the keystone, of the whole structure. It could be doomed … Continue reading

FALLS, QUARTER AND THE SEXY- A Comprehensive Review of The Originals

….You give it an inch in your heart, it takes a yard There are men, then there is Elijah Mikaelson; there are parents, then there are Papa and Mama Mikaelson; there are shows, then there is “The Originals”. Have you have ever felt personally victimized by a show? This is one such. A spin-off of an … Continue reading

YUDH: A Review by Andrew D.

A confession first: I have never been a big fan of Indian TV series. So what made me put a reminder on my phone to watch Sony four nights a week? Two names: THE Amitabh Bachchan and Anurag Kashyap, both making their debut with a fiction TVseries,Yudh. No wonder the expectations were phenomenal. And did … Continue reading

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