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Rapid Fire With Gautam Rode

If your house is on fire, what is the one thing you will take with you when you run out? -Water Who is the most important person in your life? -My Mother One weird fact that people don’t know about you? -I am a little superstitious I you were not an actor, what would you … Continue reading

Hard Work Never Fails: Gautam Rode

While most people are quick to lust after the glamour the profession of acting ostentatiously showcases, few  choose to look at the hard work and toil demanded continuously and relentlessly from actors. The success stories are enviable and illustrious, but  often, tales of glistening sweat and perseverance are left behind into the shadows cast by the bright … Continue reading

Are You a Fan or an Obsessed Online Stalker?

Today, when the world is a smaller place and boundaries are being blurred on internet, this question is more pertinent than it ever was .It’s very easy  to form virtual teams and groups with like-minded people and create forums for discussing your views through the medium of internet . But what is the main idea … Continue reading

Up Close and Personal: Nakuul Mehta

If you think “Prince Charming ” is a myth you most obviously haven’t heard of Nakuul Mehta (and in that case you are living under a rock). One of the most recognizable faces in the Indian TV industry today, this flamboyant actor currently plays the hugely popular Aditya in the StarPlus series Pyaar ka Dard … Continue reading

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